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One night I'll have time to edit screenshots, but tonight isn't that night!

Somehow, even though I had nothing to do tonight, I ran out of time before I got it all done. :P

Helped get Dani her GC key, then we so meanly abandoned her behind a gate. Heehee.

Dug in Saur-whatever Champaign (what the heck kind of name is that? Sheesh). Was more going for potential skill than money, though I did get a gold beastcoin. Gold prices are falling so far and so fast on Midgar! Nearly down 50% in four days (20K to 11K, though were 25K a month ago). What the hell? There were like 74 gold beastcoins up in Jeuno, too. I almost bet there's some new bug for getting gold beastcoins for free or something. I have no idea what to do with digging. Logs aren't worth going after, now gold isn't? Elemental ores are out of my reach, so what's left? The deserts/Bubu and hope for a plat ore? I really don't know...

Ding smithing 49! I swear, gust claymores are the best item I've ever skilled up on. A skillup (even .2s!) almost every synth, even within one level of cap. I ended up selling them back to the NPC instead of trying to desnyth them, because in 20 desynths I only had 1 success -- for a piece of ash lumber, ha ha. Getting 1,500 per weapon was much much better.

Tomorrow: Nothing planned, which of course will mean I'll be an hour late logging off and still not have everything done! :D Really want to get cracking on Nai's keys, then we can do Nil's and my last ones.

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