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Links and stuff (FFXI)

Angry post from earlier tonight gone. Funny how once I stop being angry, I get embarrassed by angry posts. :/

But here are the links I added to the end, the good fanart: Edit: Man, why do I always find good looking elf fanart when I'm in a bad mood? Mmmm. *plays with his hair* And his, too!

Oh, and I guess the digging part can be saved, too: The only good part of this night was digging. I decided to target things I'll need for skilling (darksteel ores and mythril beastcoins). Got 5 of the first and 6 of the second! But then amazingly, things went really really bad (in a newbie zone!!). I used 10 stacks of greens and couldn't get my last 10 items. WTF? In the newbie zone? Bah. (I zoned a few times, plus was out there long enough to fall off my bird and have a long run on foot back to town. >< )

Let's hope for less being angry in the future!
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