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Gunslinger Girl and FFXI

I love Anime! At work! I thought I'd never have time to watch anime again!

Watched the first six eps of Gunslinger Girl and oh my god, it might be my new most favorite series ever! Such a totally messed up, cool idea! Such moral uncomfortable-ness by the characters!

For those who haven't seen it yet: There's a government program that takes young, badly hurt/sick girls with no ties, and trains them to be killers. Sounds tame? Not really! The first character you meet had her family killed, then she was raped all night next to their bodies. She had to be about 10 years old. o.O So they take her, brainwash her to forget her past and follow all orders, throw in a few extra mechanical parts into her (this element is downplayed a lot, thankfully, though did play a bigger role in the last ep I saw -- one of the most disturbing ones so far. The shoulder/strength testing. Gah. *twitch*) Each of the young girls has an adult male partner (he even names her), and she thinks of him like an older brother(? I think they all do?).

It's so cooly disturbing, because these girls have had such bad things happen to them, and they're having more abuse, and have no clue it's abuse! And the adult male partners have such an interesting mix of moral issues (or lack there of) to this whole thing. I'm so sad it's only 13 eps long and I've already watched half!


FFXI: Sometimes I think I need to quit the game, because it's a hell of a lot more work than my job is. I came home and worked over lunch (smithing synthing/skilling), the second I walked through the door after work I sat down and went to work on-game, and now it's an hour after I wanted to log off and I didn't even finish everything I wanted/needed to do. :/

In order of happenings!
-Smithed a little while I threw pizza down my throat. Hit smithing 53! Yay! One more level of steel ingots. Yay for making profit while skilling!
-Helped get two keys for yay Nai! SSG and IC.
-Killed some highly annoying big bird for SAM AF2. Had to travel into the lair of evil Ose, which I had hoped to never do again. Mean, bad, evil Ose! Darned bird was annoying for an AF2 mob, too. Hit hard and fast, and had a crapload of HP.
-FINALLY, FINALLY caught a Besieged! Two frigging weeks of not seeing one, yet getting all the bad sides of it (Candysense lost, warp taru gone more than there). Full reward, only 2K more needed to re-cap DRK XP.
-Chocobo digging. Zzzz Only two DS ores and 2 myth beastcoins. Annoyingly brought 30 stacks of greens (since last night was such a pain) and only used 15. ><
-Muled and synthed and tried to make space for BRD foo for tomorrow... and noticed my plants growing. Gah!

Though all plants were planted and fed at the same time, only half of them were glowing. o.O Yagudokisses and Fishingbot (both in Sandy) were glowing. Chaser (Bastok) and Katerwaul (Windy) were not. Yet all were planted at the same time, fed the same thing, etc. I'm assuming Thistle's (Sandy) are glowing as well, but he's logged off in the wilds for static tomorrow morning. Hopefully the plants will survive till then. I'll post the exact results tomorrow, when I can do them as a whole, but for now: One had sucky results (0 carrots) the other had 4 pots of 10 get them. Oddness. (Very annoying that none of them have seeds on-hand to plant new crop yet. Haven't had time to buy and send! >< )

So damned tired. So busy. Events happening both weekend days, Monday is always totally booked, and Tuesday is XP static again. While I love the game, I swear I'm going to burn out soon.
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