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Catching up! (FFXI)

Busy, busy day, but it felt like I made some progress instead of dashing around to just keep my head above water.

Odd harvest. All the plants were planted at the same time, fed at the same time, fed the same crystal, yet some were glowing a day before the others.

Harvested 9/8:

Fishingbot (Sandy, ceramic pot, fed ice crystal on Waterday, harvested on Lightday)
1) 8 wind crystals
2) 9 wind crystals
3) 9 gysahl greens
4) 12 wind crystals
5) 8 gysahl greens
6) 18 gysahl greens
7) 10 wind crystals
8) 10 wind crystals
9) 9 gysahl greens
10) 19 gysahl greens

Ugh. Nothing good at all!

Yagudokisses (Sandy, ceramic pot, fed ice crystal on Waterday, harvested on Lightday)
1) 11 zegham carrots *
2) 10 gysahl greens
3) 9 zegham carrots *
4) 9 gysahl greens
5) 8 zegham carrots *
6) 9 gysahl greens
7) 9 zegham carrots *
8) 12 gysahl greens
9) 9 wind crystals
10) 9 zegham carrots *

Sheesh. Totally different results, when everything was the same. Odd.

Harvested 9/9:

Chaser (Bastok, variety pots and crystals, harvested Waterday)
1) 15 tokopekko wildgrass
2) 15 tokopekko wildgrass
3) 12 fire crystals
4) 11 fire crystals
5) 9 wind crystals
6) Dead.
7) 6 tokopekko wildgrass
8) 11 fire crystals
9) 4 la thine cabbages (no crystal)
10) Dead.

Two dead pots were on a different schedule than the others, thus I forgot to feed them a crystal and they died.

Katerwaul (Windy, ceramic, fed ice crystals on Waterday, harvested Waterday)
1) 8 gysahl greens
2) 9 wind crystals
3) 11 wind crystals
4) 10 sharug greens
5) 8 gysahl greens
6) 9 wind crystals
7) 12 azouph greens
8) 4 zegham carrots *
9) 11 zegham carrots *
10) 10 gysahl greens

Hm. This harvest and last, Kat seems to grow azouph and sharug greens better than others.

Thistle (Sandy, brass pot, fed ice crystal on Waterday, harvested on Lightday)
1) 17 zegham carrots *
2) 11 wind crystals
3) 12 wind crystals
4) 4 zegham carrots *
5) 11 gysahl greens
6) 19 gysahl greens
7) 4 zegham carrots *
8) 8 wind crystals
9) 8 zegham carrots *
10) 12 sharug greens

Next crop: All planted on Watersday, other than Thistle who is half Water and half Wind (couldn't get planted in time).

I'm now up to 17 stacks of zegham carrots, so I really could stop growing things for a while (it's a pain, and not much is worth selling anymore). I like getting "free" stuff though. :/ Can you believe tokopekko wildgrass are now under 10K/stack, when they used to be 150/single?

In less planty news, static met today. Ding BRD 54! Yay! I got to put my ugly hat on, then promptly threw it into storage. The color actually matches my current armor a little, but still: Blech!

Ever thought you'd see one of these running around? Such mature names...

Came across a certain ram one evening! Too bad I was on WHM 38 with no armor/weapon. (Not that I need his horn, but a dead ram is a good ram!)

"Your chocobo regards you as its parent" -- ha ha, wonder why? I've been running around in that outfit a lot more lately, I sort of forgot that my apron and such actually looks good on! And I really like the hat, just haven't had a chance to wear it much in the last, um, year. :P

Chocobo chicks finally started growing up! Chick no longer, it's now a chocobo teen! Quite ugly, isn't it? But the best thing about them growing up: Now stats can change!

Yay substandard! Hey, at least it's better than the "poor" they've been forever!

Chocobo digging wasn't great (1 darksteel ore, 2 myth beastcoins), but hey, it was totally free today! I grew so many gysahl greens that I'm half-set for tomorrow as well.

Ding smithing 55.2! Yay! Kyofu are kind of a pain in the ass to skill on (I bought the iron sheets, but you need to make tin ingots -- buy all the ores slowly (guild vendor = built in delay), then craft it.) I tried desynthing them, but had no success as usual. After losing about 20, I vendored the rest. I might look for something easier to skill on. I want to get finished with smithing soon though, so that there's one less thing on my plate.
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