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I was going to post about how happy was that I actually had some free time today, then it struck me how silly it was to be happy I had gotten free time on a game. I have no idea what's changed lately, why the game has suddenly started taking up so much more time, but it's really got to stop. I'm ignoring RL to a point that bothers me, which is saying something. I have no idea what I'm going to do about this yet, but I do need to do something.

Anyway, the reason for the unexpected free time was that the LS event (getting a great katana from some cluster thingie in the CoP area) didn't happen because the LS we were going to work with canceled at the last second. Annoying, but at least it gave me some free time.

I did my chocobo digging first thing in the morning, and it wasn't great. 1 DS ore, a couple of myth beastcoins. Think I'm going to start going elsewhere, but don't know where yet.

Then worked on smithing skilling until it was time to mule and go to the event. Got to 57.something on gauntlets (oh my god, sex in skillup form! A skillup every other synth! Even .2s, one level below cap!). Once I hit cap on those, I made n-somethings (1 iron sheet, 1 silk thread, earth crystal), as recommended by genomeffxi. Was nice, but I was spoiled by the gauntlets. :P Still, yay!

So happy to be done with smithing, hate smithing ever so much. I don't like crafting with metals RL and I didn't like it on the game.

Even though I said I was going to take a break before jumping into goldsmithing (last non-60 craft), I started already. >< I'm a damned idiot, I can't let things just sit if they're not finished yet.

Caught a Besieged (YAY), which I was so sure we were going to lose. Level 3 trolls, 150 in the zone to start, ended with 275. I think we won only because masses of mages were camping the two generals we had -- neither died! And wow, the bomb NM was fricking huge! So much bigger than a normal bomb! Then he got bigger and filled up the walkway, from one end to the other! And then he got even bigger! This is NOT just a funky camera angle! He was wider than three people! I never did see him explode (yay, probably?) but his Burn move was a hell of a bitch. I died to it, twice. And I died once because I WSed while weakened (I didn't want to lose my TP, knew I would die). I never usually die in Besieges at all, but today I died four times. Sheesh.

Partly because of that Burn move and partly because I'll need it when I /WHM as BRD, I finally bought Erase.

187K, which people said was a good price. But good price or not, it's one of the things I've most begrudged buying in my whole time on the game. I'm not a mage, I don't want to mage, and I sure as hell am never leveling WHM further. And amusingly, I do BRD/RDM, so I won't even have access to it in normal XP situations. But my WHM is 37 or 38 and so should have it, so I got it. Bah.

Choco teen singing! He sure is ugly. Big, ugly feet, his feathers are ugly, and his head looks too small. I'd like to race him more or do the other new things that are available, but mostly I just read to him because that raises discenment. LS people joke that I'm raising a nerd bird, and it's totally true. Nothing physical! Just stay home and keep your beak in a book!

It's naked time! Two final screenshots: Welcome to Windy! Windy: All naked Mithra, all the time! So many tails swishing~ *watches*

And the last one I really can't explain, but one single dat mod brings me so much happiness. I love seeing bare chests all around, they're just so nice to see. So enjoyable to be at the AH or running through Jeuno and have a bunch of nice chests all around. I suppose that's the same reason guys use the naked chest mods for mithra and such...

So tomorrow starts the busy week again. Escort and Eco on Monday, XP static on Tuesday. Hopefully Monday I need to go back to (at the very least) making room for exercising. Actually eating meals instead of random food kept around my desk comes next. One or both changes must happen by Wednesday or... I'm not sure. It's been two weeks since I lost exercising time and less than that since I totally gave up on meals, so it's certainly not too late to fix the two things. No later than Wednesday, for sure.
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