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Per yesterday's post:
Exercise: Did! Yay! Even the same amount of time as last time, even though I hadn't for two weeks. Was worried I wouldn't be able to go anywhere near as long.
Dinner: Um, sort of... Poor quality crap from the freezer, freezer burned, then I forgot about it once it cooked so it was cold. Was horrible, but I guess I ate enough to consider dinner having been eaten.

Success! But Tuesday be a fail, I know that in advance. I'm semi-planning on exercising before work (which will totally depend on how well I sleep/if I do at all), and dinner never happens on Tuesdays.


FFXI: Eco and Escort = 2K more XP on WAR. Almost 31, at which point I may party on it. Maybe. We'll see.

Besiedged tonight! Yay! Level 4, which we haven't seen in ages! Started with 175 people in the zone and two generals. >< Ended with 370-something and one general. Candysense will likely be gone tomorrow, unless generals are gotten back. :( At least I'm @900 to XP being capped again.

Between the Candysense being gone all the time and me never being able to catch a Besieged, I guess I have to go back to not being so footloose about dying on DRK. Very sad, as I was enjoying not stressing out about deaths/XP loss. (No, seeking an XP party on it is not an option.)

Chocobo teenager! He was injured today, which is odd since all he did was be shown off to children. Darned kids. *Spinning Slash -> kids* I bet it was the one in the green hat who did it...

I couldn't get a good screenshot of it, but gah, "injured" looked like he was dying! Wonder if "sick" in teen form looks like that, too?

Woo! Now I have two increased stats!

I guess that comes from reading stories? Donno how REC got raised otherwise... Unfortunately he lost his second race today, which may or may not have been because he was injured. I need to win twice more, so I can get another story to shove his nose into.

Dead with the one you love, brought to you by Besieged. :/ (Oh look, dead Tharpy is in the shot, too! But he's not the one I love. Sorry, fellow! :P )

And lastly: The city is so beautiful, even while under attack. Sometimes I just stop and look at it and smile.


Anime: About two and a half eps of Gunslinger Girl left to watch. I love the series so much, yet I'm so totally disturbed by it. I have no idea how anime-art makes eyes look so dead, but they succeed. (Actually, the art quality is so nicely high in the series! But then, everything is. Sound, art, voices, story...) I'm really worried about how the series will end. I'm afraid I can guess, but I really hope I'm wrong. Guess I'll cut it, just in case:

First off, I bet that the unhappy girl (two log blond braids, the one whose sponsor is so cold to her, even though she loves him, polishes her gun for him, etc) killed him and then herself. And that would be bad bad bad.

Even early on in the series, I was worried they'd kill off all the girls in the end (on purpose, the department -- not through doing their jobs), and now I'm even more worried about that. But in a way, killing them would be a good thing ... which bothers me even more.

There have only been a couple of other series that bothered me on this level. It's funny not to want to watch the ending, both because I don't want the series to be over and because I'm worried what will happen... (Gah, that's way too weakly worded, but it's late.)

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