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BRDing and digging and synthing, oh my! (FFXI and anime)

BRD hit 55 tonight and thus met one of my three goals for the job: Mage's Ballad II! Yay for being more useful. I keep going back and forth on the job -- one week I love it, the next I hate it because it's just a darned support job. It's nice to be useful, but I think you earn negative e-penis when all you do is buff and debuff and sleep adds and that sort of thing. My biggest damage of the night was a MB for 32 whole points! Watch the girls swoon when they see damage numbers like that!

Goal #2 is to wear my scorp harness. Goal #3 is to wear my opo-opo crown. So I suppose I can quit leveling it at 65! Ha.

After that went digging, which wasn't as painful as last night's. Last night I got 1 darksteel ore, tonight I got 2 (more myth beastcoins, too). Really getting sick of digging in Gusta though, because so fricking much of it is crap. 74 items were little worms, pebbles, and fish scales. All vendor crap. I can't figure out where else to go though... Maybe back to the Jungles (or Deserts) again, when I have more than a few minutes to dig.

Good news of the night: Both the Candysense and warp taru are back! o.O So fast! Now let's hope I'm able to catch another Besieged or two before the damned thing is taken again.

Choco-teen won two of two races, bringing him up to a total of three wins, thus I got the Happy Chocobo story. Surprisingly, he's won three out of four races (the one loss was when he was injured, don't know if that affected it or not). It's odd, but birds with high mental traits seem to win the races more than physical traits birds (based on what I read on various message boards, anyway).

Edit: Oops, I almost forgot. I finished Gunslinger Girl.

What can I say about the ending? Um. Great series! Loved the characters and the story! Great idea! ...and that's about it.

What the heck was up with the ending (or lack thereof)? I was watching the timer on the video and thinking. 'Hmm, 7 minutes left, how are they going to wrap this up in that short time?' 'Huh, 4 minutes, they sure are singing a lot. Shouldn't we be doing something plot-wise?' '2 minutes. Okay, girl is dead... and they're still singing. Huh...' *credits roll* 'Okay, maybe there will be something after the credits that tie all this up?'

I just don't get it. Such amazing, amazing characters. Such an outstandingly amazing idea. Great story. Beautiful art. Some of the best soundwork I've ever heard in anime. But that "ending"...

Seems like I've seen other anime series end like this. Maybe it's a Japanese thing. Maybe they were fine with it... Not me though. Bah.

I still love the series and would highly recommend it, I just boggle at the conclusion of it.

(Spoiler space.)

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