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Good but long day (FFXI)

*peers at LJ* Looks rather different now. Huh.

Anyway, very long, very busy day, but a good one!

Lately I've been getting my chocobo digging done at lunchtime, which works out well. Had the best results today in months. 4 gold beastcoins and 1 adaman ore and a bunch of other minor stuff. It did take me about 35 stacks of greens though, because for some unknown reason I started digging in the zones around Jeuno.

I decided I'm going to keep targeting gold beastcoins and save them instead of selling them, since I can use them for goldsmithing skilling. Kill two birds with one stone... but only sort of. Without a daily income of 20-80K, my bank is going to fall fast with all this skilling I've been doing.

I'm beating my head against a wall at these falling prices. Darksteel ingots (not ores) have been falling 1K every 24 hours. For days now. And mine aren't selling at all. It's pissing me off. (This is a big part of the reason why I decided to save the GBCs to skill on -- nothing is selling anyway...)

We had two (TWO!) Besiegeds tonight! Oh my god, so happy! Unfortunately taking time out to do them was a little hard, but so much fun! I love them so much, even after all this time. I love turning my speakers up really really loud, closing my eyes, and just letting the music hit against me. Then I open my eyes and kick some ass. :D

Around the Besiegeds I skilled goldsmithing. 25 to 36 in one night. *dies* Made a NIN tool (and gave it all to Nai~) for a few levels, then tried doing myth ore -> ingots 9 levels under cap with no support. After bleeding about 30K in ores, I gave up and did some other synths to get me to 33. Came back and did 33-36 on the ores -> ingots thing, and it worked somewhat better.

Before jumping into this, I totally killed my moghouse. ; ; genomeffxi and I had exchanged comments on moghancement:fire, but I thought I couldn't swing that. I decided I needed to make it work, whatever it took. Bought two 100K bookcases (WTF, the price of them ROSE 20K in a couple of days. Why can't metals do that?), 3 cupboards, and had to remove 3 mannequins and (ack! eek!) take down my Sandy flag! My MH looks so ugly and sad now. The bookcases are ugly as hell. And worst of all: All that and I still have only faint fire energy. >< I couldn't see a difference in materials lost. :/ I might get more bookcases when more are for sale (I bought the only two).

So yay for lots of progress! I MUST get to goldsmithing 40 before Sunday. Sandy is in first this week, so I can get ores at the airship store, but Sandy is never in first so I have to take advantage of this while it's there.

Zzzz now. It's late! <3 all!
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