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*insert fire synth animation here* (FFXI)

Goldsmithing 36 -> 47. Yay/zzz

On one hand, goldsmithing is a million times easier than I expected it to be. (Yes, I know the real pain is coming, but I expected goldsmithing to be bad from the get-go.) But on the other, doing the same synth for 8 hours straight is never easy. zzzz I hope to never see mythril ever ever again.

Ores -> ingots. Ingots -> sheets. Ingots -> rings. End night with ~50 unstackable items. >< At least they sell for break even or profit (ignoring breaks). Hopefully they won't sell too too slow (but they don't sell fast).

The skillups were simply amazing, I wouldn't have been able to get this far if they hadn't been. Rings capped at 47, and synthing 46 to 47 took 14 synths. Almost every synth was a .2 (one level from cap!), a couple .1s, only 2 had no skillups. It boggled me.

Before starting today, I bought two more bookcases. Yeah, I know, crazy. Ended up with powerful fire energy though! Problem is, I don't think that helped much. >< I tracked for a couple hours:

4 ores into an ingot, over cap. Losses were: 3, 4, 3, 1, 2, 1
2 ingots into a ring, under cap. Losses were: 0, 1, 0, 1, 1

The only thing I notice is that maybe the moghancement keeps you from crit failing. Either way, I was totally unimpressed by the energy.

Around synthing, we got 9.1 done for a LS person so that she can do Sandy 9.2 tomorrow. Also did G2 for two LS people. Nice to get away from crafting for a short time!

From the other night's Besieged, a new record! I only broke 100 once before (101) and it was also at a Besieged:

Mmmm, if I could do this every time, I'd probably marry my axes. No buffs, no food, nothing extra:

Happily I got my moghouse looking better! By adding two more bookcases, I was able to put my mannequins back in. Plus the red jars look rather nice with the bookcases!

I didn't put the naked woman with the dishes on purpose, but it made me snicker once I noticed it.

We killed a NM tree while doing 9.1. It was amazingly weak. Bet I could have soloed it.

And lastly, amusingly/annoyingly: The results of last month's fishing contest. The one for the impossible to catch fish (Titanic Sawtooth). 12 turn ins, 6 of those were purchased. So only 12 fish caught on the whole server in a month, by 6 people. Way to go, S-E! Hopefully next month you'll pick a fairer fish.

Zzzz now. Need to bazaar overnight to hopefully sell some mythril rings.
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