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*fire crystal synth animation, part two* (FFXI)

There are some FFXI days that boggle even me. Today was one of them. For 14 hours straight (other than a break for one Besieged and chocobo digging) I did nothing but synth. ><

I'd write about how annoying goldsmithing is, but that would come as news to no one.

Goldsmithing 51 -> 52 took me between 750K and 1 million gil. Grrr. (But the plus side: I no longer have those 50 mythril rings to sell! 50 rings I was hoping to sell for 15-20K each, to recoup my money from making them, all gone. Synthed, desynthed, re-synthed, until all gone... and only got .6 skillup from them.)

The skillups were just so bad on those jeweled rings that I switched to gold for a short time (one whole synth!). But seriously, I couldn't take risking 4 20K items each synth, so I went back and used up the last of the rings (and borrowed materials from Beanie).

I kept saying that once I hit GS 52, I'd take a break for a while and make money... but as soon as I finished I set out to make the steel so I could make the claws (and make the animal glue) so I could do the next skillup item (hydro claws).

My big, big problem right now is my lack of mythril. I should have stayed up all Saturday night to make ingots, because of course Sandy is back in last place now and I can't get ore. >< It's not even really nice to ask someone to stand in the airport shop and buy it for me, since each synth takes 4 unstackable objects and I probably need... gah... 5? 6? Lots more? stacks of the finished product. Say I only need 5 stacks of ingots, that would mean someone would need to buy and trade 240 ores to me. Problem is, it's months between Sandy being in first... (Buying from the AH is not an option. Prices are double there -- 100K for a stack of ingots.)

Besieged was good, I recapped DRK XP finally! YAY! Now no more dying~! (Ha ha.)

Digging was bad. One gold beastcoin, and it took 30 stacks of greens. Search didn't seem to show any other diggers in the zone (sometimes it's hard to tell digger vs non), so I don't know what was up.

Can't wait to be done with goldsmithing. Problem is, the itch to level leathercrafting is back, and 90s leathercrafting is way way worse than 50-60 goldsmithing.

Someone please take all my crystals away from me! :)

PS: I hate the word 'mythril'. It always looks like it's not spelled right.
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