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Just about perfect day! (FFXI)

First off, if you haven't seen it yet, the front page of is very very interesting.

On to the day! Logged on to meet up with wonderful Dani who bought mythria-- mith-- mumble. It's too late for this post. My-thril(l) ores for me! A whole bunch of them! While we were trading I glanced at and saw the above change, but also saw that mythril ingots had dropped down to where it was the same as if I made them myself from ores! Yay! So I went out and bought 7 stacks (I hope that's enough, but my mule ran out of money and I hadn't had time to send more).

Monday night is usually Eco Warrior and Escort (LS social events), but there was a Besieged starting! I dithered and dithered before warping back to catch Besieged. Level 3 trolls! How could I pass one up, when I almost never get to catch them? Besides, there were barely 100 people in the zone, so I figured it'd be a fast loss and I might still make it to Eco in time.

Surprise, surprise, we won. o.O Level 3, starting with 100 people, ending with 222. If it had been anything but wussy trolls, we would have lost. We didn't even lose a general! I almost made it in time for Eco, too! And people held the event, so I did make it! I felt bad for holding everyone up, but I was happy to go. :)

And, for the first time in ages, Eco was so exciting! We've done this weekly for years now, so it's usually a walk in the park, but by mistake someone spawned the mobs early. Heehee. So much fun! No one died, but a couple people (including me!) almost died! Yay! Was very exciting, and we still won.

The only down part was that Escort was delayed. Some darned RDM was soloing it. I swear to god, I could have taken a nap for each mob he took. It amazes me that he didn't time out. Eventually we got to do it, and it was fun. The half-hour loss was time that really hurt though.

After that: Goldsmith skilling! Oh my god, hydro claws are so reasonable! Not easy by a long shot (ores -> ingots -> sheets, steel + jaws -> claws, had synthed the glue over the weekend. Many synths before I could try a synth for skill), but a kazillion times better than those damned rings! Got two levels before running out of time, ending at 54. Yay!

Then I was about to desynth/vendor the claws so I could get packed for static tomorrow (I know Draque actually skills on desynthing, but I still believe it's a myth that you can get skillups that way. In my time skilling GS and smithing, I've desynthed hundreds of items, and got a skillup once :P ), but another Besieged hit! YAY! Two level 3s in one night! This one started at 250 and ended 300+ people, so was much easier. Lost one general though.

I wish my darned screenshot had been taken. I don't know if I hit the wrong button or what. It was the funniest thing: I was fighting a BLU mob and got hate. It started casting sprout smack on me. I laughed to myself that it would use such a silly spell, then next I saw:

(BLU mob) uses Sprout Smack.
Thistle takes 559 points damage.

I nearly fell over laughing!

It's always nice to get the killing shot in Besieged, but with so many people, it rarely happens:

This is from two days ago, pre-damned jeweled mythril ring synthing. I really should have taken it as a sign:

A .3! At that level! Yay!

Edit: And almost forgot, more perfect day! New record for chocobo digging: 6 gold beastcoins! *boggle* Yay!
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