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Tuesday = Stress Day (FFXI)

Tuesdays are darned rough. I sneak out of work as early as possible and speed home to make it to static in time. Sit right down at the computer, maybe taking enough time to change before rushing out to our camp. Party for a few hours. We usually end at 7, at which time I still need to fit dinner in and do anything and everything else I want to do online for the day. It's very hard and very stressy. (No, I'm not asking for us to drop static on this day or start later. There are no other options if we want to static twice a week, and I think we should be doing it twice. I'm just explaining why it's rough.)

Even though the XP wasn't great (we were a little high for the area), we still all dinged and got a buffer:

Now that's how a static should be! :P (One member leveled the fight before, and one leveled the fight after. It'd be cool if we could get all five at once, but likely won't ever happen.)

Once I hit 57, I put my scorp harness on! Yay! Now I just need better looking pants... Darned Hume RSE pants have like +30 MP and +1 CHR. I'm afraid I won't be able to switch them out for a long time. :/ (The DRG in the picture is our random DD of the week, not a static member.)

After partying I ran to check my chocobo, since they turn into adults today. No raise in stats, even though I've done nothing other than work towards mental (WTF?), no abilities, no color, nothing special. Damned useless bird. The only thing I notice about him is that his feet seem really big. Head seems small, tail seems mutated, and feet look like boats. Stupid useless bird is poor in all physical and substandard in all mental. Plus I didn't even get the whistle today. Mumble.

Digging was okay. 4 gold beastcoins (yay), one adaman ore (meh, they're down to 30K and falling), and two fricking worthless black chocobo feathers (highest level thing you can find in the zone, yet crap). I really and seriously didn't want to go digging, but I need the money so I made myself go.

Goldsmithing 54 -> 55.5 tonight, before I just plain ran out of time. I can't wait to hit 60, just to be done with this crap. Plus I'm tired of bleeding money. (Hydro Claws continue to be a good skill up item, I guess. Having to do so many synths first is a pain in the ass, plus that whole "bleeding money" thing. I'm going to stick with them for at least another couple levels though, since I have stacks of the raw materials.)

So very stressed out by the game. I can't tell you how much I hate feeling like I need to quit my RL job just so that I can keep up with everyone else.

Edit: Oops, forgot. Level 3 undead Besieged tonight. I just couldn't make it, it was impossible for me to have time, but we won anyway! And fall-down amazingly, the warp taru has survived the whole week! He's usually the first NPC taken!
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