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Goldsmithing 59! (FFXI)

So very tired of synthing. Once I hit gold 60, I may never synth again. :P

Started the evening with chocobo digging. Not bad results (4 gold beastcoins), but the nice thing was that I had the entire zone to myself the whole time. I was worried about digging in the evening (my bag had been too full of metals to do it at lunchtime), but yay for turing out well!

Stupid raise-a-chocobo still hasn't let me find the key item (5 walks = 5 fails tonight alone). This might be related to him suddenly hating me. (He can barely stand being near me.) That might be the cause of him biting the damned kids for seven days in a row now. Still no stats change, either. Tomorrow I'm going to give him TWO cupid worms before we go looking for the key item, maybe that'll make him happy enough to let me find it (supposedly the two things are related).

Next Dani and I were going to do her belated wedding gift! Back when she first married Des, she was a wee little crafting mule, thus couldn't go farm jelly in CN to finish her cooking skilling. As a gift, I gave her an evening of my farming services! Unfortunately today might be the very worst time to farm those bees ever. (The jelly goes into chocoelixers, which are at an all time high price right now.) We gave up after a short time -- just too many other farmers there. We'll go again once things have settled down. :) The funny thing is, now she's a big WHM (even at level 57, she almost has more HP than DRK75-me!) and could probably farm just fine on her own. But it'll be fun to spend time together, and two will be able to kill faster than one!

All that took about an hour, total. For the rest of the night I worked on goldsmithing. Got from 55.5 to 59.0! Oh my god, so close to being done! And so so so much money gone. As a very rough estimate, it took me about a million gil to go from smithing 30 to 60 AND to get gold from 20 to 51. Goldsmithing 51 to 59 has taken me about 2.7 million. The big difference is not just that goldsmithing 51+ uses so much mythril, it's that it's nearly 100% loss. I can vendor items for 2-3K each (costs very roughly 23K to make one), or desynth in hopes of skill (ha ha) or getting materials back.

Still, just one more level, then I'll be done! Finished! Yay!

Oh, for those who wanted to know the details: .

I continued with Hydro Claws until 56.9 (I was intending to go to 57, but ran out of materials). 56 was very very slow, even though the item cap was 59. So many synths, too. Ingot to sheet (and ore to ingot, if you have access). Animal glue, if you need to make that. Make steel ingots. Steel ingot + beetle jaw = claws. Claws + glue = mythril sheet = skillup item. I feel horrible that I bought glue near the end; I've sold so much for profit, I know how much it costs to make vs buy, but I couldn't add another synth in there (plus my supply of raw materials to make it was low).

56.9 I switched to Mythril Cuisses (fire, mythril sheet x2, ram leather, cap 61). Double the mythril, but fewer synths! Skillups were really nice, plus you can desynth them for 1-2 leathers or 1-2 ingots back. (I got zero skillups for desynthing 30 hydro claws (1 level under cap) and 40 of these (many levels under cap). YMMV.) I got tired of desynthing (and wasn't getting much back) so vendored for a huge loss, getting about 3K each.

For 59 to 60, I'm either going to continue the Cuisses or do Hydro Patas (Fire, Mythril Sheet, Animal Glue, Bone Patas. Caps at 67), or something else. I'm really, really not sure I can handle doing the Patas, as I can't deal with that many pre-synths before the skillup synth. The higher cap might mean nice skillups though... There just are no real options, other than those two. Not unless I want to skill on gold, darksteel, or platinum (which I do not). I do have almost a stack of gold ingots (from digging) and I could use those of I had to, but I'd rather sell them once all this is over.

Oh well, I'll decide tomorrow! Hopefully goldsmithing 60 tomorrow! Yay!

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