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I'm a horrible ChocoParent (FFXI)

I think my stupid chocobo has been reading my LJ. Apparently he found out that I think he sucks.

Is this not the saddest thing ever? :( Stupid NPC elf dude is there taking care of him, caring for him, instead of me.

And if my darned chocobo wasn't depressing enough, check this out: Your chocobo dug for hours and hours, but found nothing. Look at the poor birdy's pose!

Day #3 of not finding the key item to be able to ride him. >< I gave him two cupid worms, but that didn't even bring him up to 'parent' level, so I gave him a green as well and that finally did it. Even after that, no key item (only enough energy for a short and medium walk).

Stupid bird, I'd kick you if you weren't already so sad.


Digging was horribly sucky. 1 gold beastcoin and I was chased out of the zone multiple times (too many other diggers).

Spent about 574751075410 hours farming tigers for hides. Between those and the materials I bought, got .4 of leather skillup! Not nearly as exciting as progress in the other crafts, but what can you expect at this level? (By the way, I'm 89! I had thought I was 88! It's like I got a free level!)

Harvested all my pots, with darned sucky (but not surprising) results. Was going for fire crystals, but instead got 14 stacks of toko wildgrass and surprisingly few crystals. If only I had had those a month ago! Didn't replant my pots, as I haven't been back in Whitegate for a week now. Need to go back soon. Might try for worms next, since I only have one cupid (and a few parasite) left.

Darend Candysense was lost while I was at work. Level 4 undead. Grrrrrrr. I really, really hope it's back soon, as I'm starting vacation and was hoping to get many Besiegeds in.
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