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I'm in the mood for love~ (FFXI)

It's so cool to be some of the first people to do something. A LS friend (Caboose) and I are breeding our chocobos. There's so little information online, not even the pos of the NPC we needed to talk to! (He's in the chocobo stables/pen area of Upper Jeuno, by the way. Young boy named Finbarr.)

Luckily Boose's bird had the "in love" mood going on, so we were hoping that would help. At least until one chocobo ran away from the other... There's no reason given why it did that (and I have no clue if it was his or mine), but in the end it all worked out. They called to each other from across that lake, then the CS changed back to Jeuno. Awww, they're in love!

The NPC said we'd get an egg in "one day", but there was no indication if it was a RL day or gameday, so we hung out and tried it the next game day. Nothing. So hopefully tomorrow morning we'll get them!

Important note: if both of you want an egg, you need TWO cards from your chocobo NPC. You give one of your card to your partner, and your partner turns in both cards (yours and theirs) along with the plan card. So you each need two chocobo cards and a plan card per egg from the mating.

We both picked the plan (hiking, I think) to have the bird have more chance of copying my bird's stats (since mine were better) and more chance of being female. Hopefully it'll work out!

In other chocobo-news, I finally got my whistle today, so now I can retire this bird and never work with him again. Hopefully the new egg will be better!

Leathercrafting: Got another .4, bringing me to 89.8. >< So close to leveling, but no tiger hides were left on the server. I had no time/space to farm for them, so I had to do other stuff.

Started turning in items at the leathercrafting guild again. (Decided I wanted the Tanning key item -- sort of like Lumberjack for leather.) Nice turn-in today netted me 6,500 points (need 10K for it). Hopefully tomorrow's turn-in will be good as well, because I have a crapload of hides to tan.

Digging: 5 gold beastcoins. Yay! Getting tired of digging in Meri Mountains, but looking forward to seeing if there's any difference when I do it on my chocobo tomorrow. (I had already finished my digging before I got the whistle today).

No static tomorrow, which is good and bad. I miss it already, but it'll be nice to have the time off. Going to farm tigers from dawn to dusk, and craft around that.
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