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In Habari, they shoot you if you don't meet deadlines

Last night at the car shop I was told that the part would be in at 7, the work would take two hours, and I'd be out at 9. I arrived this morning, was told the part would be there between 8 and 9, and the work would take at least two hours.

"Ring, ring!" went the phone. The parts wouldn't be arriving till 9:30-10:30. "Grr, grr," went the Thistle.

Got a ride to work. Left the car in the shop. I'm breakfast-less and lunch-less and car-less. And starving.

If this was my Nationstate of Habari, I would have everyone associated with this shot. That might not make my car get fixed faster, but it'd make me feel better.

And speaking of Habari, overnight we became a 'Compulsory Consumerist State', the economy went from fair to very strong (woo woo), and our population grew to 9 million. However, I think after today's decision, things will be changing. Yesterday I let businesses fire people at will if they strike. Today my corporations want say in political issues. To hell with that! Despite my brother's name, I'm going with this decision:

"Frankly, I don't see why we need to have elections at all," says your brother, Ann-Marie O'Bannon, over a late-night malt whiskey. "You always seem to know what's best. Why not scrap the whole political system? It would make things so much simpler."

Heh heh heh. Wonder how long till the UN kicks us out?
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