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TV and FFXI and other uncreative subject lines

Yay, Heroes was on again tonight! And I actually enjoyed seeing it just as much as the first time.

FFXI: Yay!

Though that's the end of my fast skilling, which isn't such a bad thing. Now I need to wait until griffon hides are listed (which drop only from Dyn-Sandy) and HQ coeurl hides. I'm sort of semi-seriously thinking about offering to help someone camp an Assault Jerkin if I can get all the HQ hides. (Also wish I could be brave and ask random LSs going in to Dyn-Sandy sell me their hides directly, but talking to strangers is scary!)

BRD static met today, and yay! We all hit 58! Unfortunately I don't have my AF piece for that level yet (it's my AF3), but it's not like I'd actually wear it, so it's not a big deal. Guess I'm going to have to actually get my Castle Z key/coffer though, because that piece is useful and we'll probably hit 60 next week.

XP was amazingly good and easy. We went to the Mire (just outside the mouse city place, steps from the zoneline) and killed crow-type birds, flytraps, and leeches! Was really easy and the XP was so good! (Plus it was fun to XP on unusual mobs, like flytraps and leeches!) We're going to go there again on Saturday. Hopefully there won't be anyone else camping there, but if so maybe we can just use one of the other exits.

Had a Besieged tonight, which surprisingly was the first one I've caught of my vacation. I had been under the impression that lots happen during the day, but either I'm wrong or I've missed a bunch of them. (I know I missed at least one, since the warp taru is gone.) It was an undead attack, which is always tons of fun! :D

I had been looking for mobs, and across the "room" saw about 50 unclaimed ones. I stood there a moment, daydreaming, then suddenly all of them warped right to me and of course aggroed. I went 'eek!' and ran... right into Beanie.

That made me laugh so much! It was like something out of a comedy. Unsurprisingly I died, but I was laughing all the while so it was no big deal.

Tomorrow I have to go farming again. Lots and lots of farming. Funny that I used to enjoy it, but now not so much. Need to stockpile stuff for leather skilling so I can work on stuff when I get the two rarer items, then need to work hard on making money again.

New chick should be born tomorrow morning, and I can't wait! I hope I like her better than the old one. Eh, and hope she really is a her!
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