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RL: Totally gbeans fault, I went to Arby's today. It wasn't my first time going, though it felt like it. (I went once as a small kid, and never since then.) Add into that that I almost never eat from fast food places anymore, and you get a too full me rolling around on the floor holding my tummy. It was very very good (I had cheese sticks and curly fries), but oh so greasy and heavy and rich. Since I ordered way too much for lunch (it was surprisingly filling) I reheated the rest for lunch and now I'm back to too full again. While it was very good, I'm going to try to not go again. I can't imagine how many calories I must have eaten today.

Sadly, oh so sadly, this is my last day of vacation (though I have the weekend off, as usual). Already I'm getting twitchy and stressy about having to go back. I could so totally handle just sitting around home all the time, never having to work. Hee.

I meant to mention it last night, but skipped doing a RL section. I tried to watch a show called Ugly Betty, but to say 'I couldn't get into it' was an understatement. It turned me off with every turn and how it handled everything. I guess I was sort of expecting it to be a realistic handling of a not-beautiful woman working at a beauty magazine, but nope. I gave it 15 minutes to be fair (15 painful, painful minutes) then turned to the not-much-better Survivor (why the hell divide the tribes by X factor if you're going to just put them back together in a week or two?).

But speaking of TV, I owe Spike TV many many thanks. A five hour block of Star Trek (DS9 and Next Generation) every weekday afternoon? So wonderful! I would have had nothing to watch all day without that. (Soap operas? Talk shows? Gah! No way!) Such a nice thing to be able to do each day. :)

I've also found a cartoon I'm really enjoying. Silverwing, about bats in various societies and such. I need to go out and buy the books, I bet they'll be even better than the cartoon. (Love love love the cartoon's animation style so much! It's a lot like Lion King's. It's being shown on Toon Disney at like 2:30 AM, but Tivo grabs it for me.)

FFXI: Two big happenings in the middle of a mellow day! We went parade gorget hunting again, and this time we got it on the first kill! Since we had time and drinks for more, they asked me if I wanted one! /blush I did want one (yummy, yummy refresh) but I felt really guilty -- though refresh is nice and handy for me, I'd like to have all PLDs get one before DRKs do. It's "nice" for me, but "necessary" for PLDs.

Eee! It'll be so handy for Besieged, farming, and just about anything else I do on DRK!

And speaking of Besieged, we lost today. >< Level 4 trolls, 100 in the zone to start, under 300 in the end. BAH! Losing sucks even more when you're actually XPing in the area (first time that's the case for me).

The second really good thing was:

Yay! I caught a LS going into Dyn-Sandy and asked them to sell me all their hides, and they did! 9, at the Jeuno AH price of 20K each! And then a friend's LS went in and did Dyn-Sandy, and they sold me one hide and gave me two others! After bad stuff earlier, it made me want to sniffle and hug them all.

The earlier bad stuff pissed me off all day: From leather 98 on, the only skill up item is panther masks. It requires many things, including a wyvern skin and two HQ coeurl hides. The hides have been 10K each forever. The total on the synth is about 30K per synth. Some fucking idiot MNK75 has been buying the hides at double at the AH! 10K hides for up to 20K!! Driving up the whole price for everyone! What kind of idiot would do that? You know how many synths it takes to get from 98 to 100? A hell of a lot! And you need two of these damned hides per synth! So many times today I actually had the /tell to her written up to tell her off, and only barely stopped myself from hitting enter. Damned fucking senseless idiot.

So after growling all day about the HQ coeurl hides, that my friend's LS gave me the griffon hides really really touched me.

I have no idea why I'm rushing to 100 (other than I'm unable to do anything in a slow and reasonable way), but I've about had my fill of this. If I give it a few days, maybe the damned idiot MNK will hit 100 and the hides will fall back to 10K. Or maybe I'll just stop leveling once I hit 97 (I'm at 96.4 now). I'm down so so so so much money (about 8 million since I got smithing to 60, goldsmithing to 59, and leather from 89 to 96), it pains me to think about the millions more I'm going to throw at this for no reason other than to hit 100 and be done with it.

Hm. I'm not as grumpy (now) as this post probably makes me sound. The night ended on a good note, which counts for a lot. :)

Oops, and I almost forgot. One more screenshot: It always boggles me just how big Aerial Torpedo can get!
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