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By tomorrow, I'll be watching paint dry (FFXI)

Exciting part of the day: BRD 59. Went back to the Mire again. Killed birds and flytraps and leeches (and one sapling that almost killed us all, heehee). Even without the Candysense and all mobs being VT, the XP was good.

Boring part of the day: Camping the AH for 8 hours and counting. >< Spent about 500K so far tonight, got two .1 skillups grand total. >< There are currently 33 of the hides I need on the AH, but history is 9-10K and I can't get them for 12K (it made me cringe to even try that much above history), so I'm not getting them. Snagging all new ones put up at 10K or lower.

Currently at leather 96.9. I'd be happy if I could hit 97 tonight, but as slow as hides are put up and since bedtime is, well, now, that's not going to happen. Tomorrow maybe.
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