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Stuff happened today, but what happened two years ago today is more important! (At least to LS people.) On 10-01-04, Fye got married! (Warning: Screenshot is full sized.) Look at all the old people there! Ead and Draque and Aurian as low levels! (Gah, how horrible, just horrible, it was getting to Hall of the Gods as a tiny little WHM!) So many people who are gone now, too... (Looks like there are a few screenshots, 10-01-w1.jpg through 10-01-w12.jpg .)

Anyway, on to today! Or rather, late last night:

Sometime around midnight last night, long after I was supposed to be asleep (haven't been able to sleep lately), a number of hides got listed so I snagged them and skilled. Yay.

Today: Not so hot. Spent a good 500K, and got a grand total of .2 skillups, all in the first thirty minutes or so of the day. That left about 10 hours of buying and synthing and losing money with no skillups. Was so very annoying. So I think I'm going to stop at 97, for a while or forever. What do I make for profit? Various hides to leathers (taking advantage of lazy skillers). How would three more levels help that? It wouldn't. While I'm the first to admit that a month or two ago I did have way too much money, being down by more than 50% in such a short time hurts. Add on top of that how damned tired I am of seeing idiot crafters buy things at double the price history, and I'm just totally fed up. (I mean what the hell, with prices falling as they are, what sort of idiots would pay double for damned hides?) So that's it. Enough skilling for now.

We got a couple AF3s out of the way today, including my BRD one.

Ha ha, so easy! And so bad looking! Yes, let me go into the wilds to fight monsters while wearing a fuzzy jacket that isn't even snapped up right! (AF feet missing from that shot, they're in my locker.) Now I just need my AF hands, especially since we'll likely hit 60 on Tuesday. Problem is, I really, really don't want to deal with it. I've never coffer hunted in Castle Z before, but I bet it's really bad. Sneak and invisible needed, plus there's magic aggro?

The BRD AF storyline was sweet (spoilers). I've done DRK and RDM AF as well, but BRD is my favorite storyline.

Random screenshots:
While I was camping the guild for hides to tan for profit, some strange mithra came up and hit on me. o.O What the hell. She was purring and rubbing on me and kept smiling and flirting with me. I have no clue who she is. I think she was after my money. c.c

Sometimes my .dat swaps come back and bite me. A happy couple in Bastok. Gah! My eyes!

And from some random Besieged: Such a pretty sky! I wish I could spend more time in the city, but especially with the Candysense still gone, it's not possible.
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