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Puk you! (FFXI)

Puks are not very friendly. BRD static XPed on them tonight, and while they were cool to see, they were somewhat annoying. (This is a Puk, for non-players or players who haven't encountered them yet.) Oddly it felt like we were a little low for them, even though we were getting 180-225 per kill without band. They were just unfriendly little buggers.

We didn't hit 60, but came darned close. Will hit on Saturday for sure.

I wish you could change the camera angle after taking a screenshot, because this is one darned cool shot, other than the angle being slightly off. Their swords matching like that is like something out of a movie or anime or something.

I'm going to sneak up and steal Draque's hat in his sleep, because it's just that good looking. I'll probably steal his beard while I'm at it. Wonder how long it would take for him to miss them~?

Screenshot from last night. Double date in Castle Oz. Probably not very interesting to anyone not involved, and questionable even then.

So very tired (about 10 hours of sleep grand total over the last 4-5 nights) and so very stressed. Hate being back to work so much. I couldn't enjoy the game at all, I just kept thinking about how tight time was and how much crap I had to do and how little time I had to do it in. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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