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Too busy, too stressy day (FFXI)

BRD static went back to Puks. They were much much better at 60 than they were at 59. Ended at a couple thousand before 61.

Half excuse, half really needing space, I used up all the wyvern skins I had been holding (buying enough HQ coeurl hides to do so) and hit 98! Just two more levels to go and one more level of gold!

Did a metric crapload of synthing for profit. Did a guild turn in -- I've half decided to go for the golden fleece, not because I want the +1 to leather, but just because it's there. It's actually really ugly, unfortunately. Image from Alla, but hey, that even looks like me!

Got parade gorgets for two more LS people (1 DRK, 1 PLD). We went 2/2 on the kills, I think? Or 2/3 maybe. Either way, was really fast. TH helps a whole lot, for anyone still needing to do it.

Digging sucked, but at least I got it done -- it was a close call tonight, I was just that tight on time.

Tomorrow is a small AF3 run. Going to ask if folks mind staying to get a Castle Z key (unless it's too late). I really need to get my BRD AF gloves.

Edit: Oops, I've been meaning to give this link for a while. A crafting timer, of sorts. But the best thing is that when you're close to a cap, you can see how adding your apron/gloves (and day, support, etc) in affects your chance of skillups.
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