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Busy, stressy, but good day (RL and FFXI)

RL: Brought out my special waffle maker and made oh my god, such good waffles! It's a neat little machine and it makes waffles that are about an inch thick and puffy and so yummy (even though the mix was just plain ol' mix from a box). I had been hungry all weekend, so it was nice to have a big breakfast (and they were so good they didn't even need syrup or anything else, just a little butter!).

Some TV station did an A-Team marathon and I watched nine or ten hours of it. That was one of my most favorite shows when I was a kid, and for the most part (any ep WITHOUT Hulk Hogan in it) I still enjoyed it today. Totally unrealistic of course, but I still really liked the characters. And I had totally forgotten there were some semi-serious eps (in one they kept having flashbacks/remembering scenes from the Vietnam War).

The thing that kept messing up the show for me was that they were basically using it to promote a new show... a talk show hosted by Mr. T. I Pity Da Fool, where he confronts (get this) people who enter the express lane with too many items and people who talk on cell phones while driving. I wonder if the show could be so bad that it'll be amusing? I don't intend to watch it to find out.

FFXI: In no special order, because my brain is mush.

* Didn't first generation chocobo chicks not get stat increases until they turned into teens? My chick won't be a teen until Thursday, yet he's now substandard in discernment! Yay! And he hasn't gone a day without a personality since he hatched. I keep seeing blue and black chocobos out in the wild, which makes me want one even more. They're so eye-catching!

* I could (and did!) kiss Desant! He came out to Castle Z to go key hunting with me (and almost as soon as we zoned in, Whomeh got a drop in her party so they gave it to me! Hee!). But get this: We zoned in, I did /map so I could see where we were going, only to find I had no map. /panic /panic /panic Coffer hunting in a zone I've been in maybe twice before (not counting Dark Spark fights, since those are all but at the zoneline), one with holes and tons of mobs and all sorts of stuff, and no map! Eek! Luckily Des was really nice and took me around to all the spawns, and we found it in the very last one! I am so so so so so happy that is over with!

I said it after finishing RDM AF, but I really mean it this time: I'm never taking another job to AF levels. Blech! Hate all this coffer/key hunting stuff so much. Heck, I may just never XP another job, other than getting SAM to 37 for DRK and finishing WAR to 37.

* Crafted, crafted, crafted. Crafted until my eyes fell out. Nearly 12 hours of tanning hides and doing stuff mostly for profit. Semi-decided I'm going to craft for skill now and then, since I can recover money semi-fast (very roughly a million in a week, with crafting most nights and all weekend, and very little skilling). I just won't go crazy with skilling. Also I'm very much enjoying doing guild turn-ins, since I can turn that into money-making, too (sell extras or list the ingredients at the Sandy AH).

* Did the SAM AF3. We almost broke BC the record! Yay! Three SAMs got their... helms? Whatever the AF3 is.

Oh, and one screenshot. Draque found a NM on the way to Castle Z: Shadow Eye! It just dropped a tear.

So very very very glad to have BRD AF done. Now I can spend the rest of my game-life just sitting nice and safe in town tanning hides and selling stuff. Look mom! I'm a NPC!
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