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Seriously crappy day with good ending (TV, mostly FFXI)

Heroes! Eee! The chick and I said exactly the same thing at the end! Heh!

Well, that was the high point of the day. I was this close to uninstalling FFXI tonight. Horrible work day (and it's only going to get worse for the next month or so), log on to the game and spend 500K for a single .1 skillup in leather. Nearly cried. That's so messed up.

Went chocobo digging. Actually lost money. Never since the nerf have I not even been able to cover the cost of the greens. The best item was a giant femur, and I didn't get more than a couple of those. Closer to quitting the game.

Eco was okay. Ended and headed off to Escort. Nearly 7 PM by this point, and I've been up and doing crap since 5 AM -- work and then "work" on game. Not a second of free/relaxing time to myself all day. We lose the fucking Escort NPC to another group, thus we had to spend another half-hour sitting on our asses waiting. Tick tick tick. Assuming we got her next, I'd have a whole hour of relaxing/downtime after before having to go to bed before work tomorrow.

Luckily we got her next. Reward for Escort is 750 to 1000 XP. I got 762. Fuck me with a fork.

Realized that in my crafting binge I used up all my supplies. (Used 500K of bought hides, but all my saved stacks of ram leather and wool thread as well.) Tomorrow's guild turn-in would likely use one of those two items, so stayed my "free" hour as well as an additional hour to make more of both.

It's a damned good thing that Heroes was good, otherwise I'd ... I'd be something now.

Tomorrow is XP static. Wednesday is BCing. Thursday I have "off" on the game -- my first day "off" since Friday of last week. How fucked up is that, I get two days off a week on game, and already I know I'll be spending them trying to rebuild my stock of leather/stuff to sell.

But hey, at least I get to go to my job tomorrow. I can't be stuck doing FFXI shit there.
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