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Busy productive expensive day! Yay! (Mostly FFXI)

Last night I had the strangest dream: In it I was sleeping well, nice and deep. That's it, I dreamed I was sleeping, nothing else. o.O

FFXI: First things first!

YAY YAY YAY! Spent about 750K but got a total of .5 skillups! WOO! (Note: When I give the figures of what I spent, it's only for the three hides I can't farm/make myself. It's about half of the cost of the whole synth.) I'm now at 99.2! So close to being done! (Then just need one more gold level and will be totally finished!) Can't wait, I'll have so much free time when all done!

At 30K/150K GP to the golden fleece. Turn-ins haven't been great lately -- do-able, but low points.

Other big thing that happened today was that my second bird turned into a teen! HighlandRain, the yellow chocobo. :/ If his stats didn't seem to have potential, he'd be dead now. His discernment went up to substandard while a chick, and when he turned into a teen his receptivity did the same. He's 2/2 wins on races, and keeps meeting people on walks. I'm going to train him for stats/abilities to replace my first sucky bird, then after that keep hatching/killing until I get a color and then keep breeding the two until I get a talented color bird. Black or blue only, please~

Other than that, I just crafted and dug all night. Digging was strange but okay. I got 6 gold beastcoins, but the zone was odd. I was the only person in it the whole time, which should have meant that I could get ~8 items each time it was restocked, but mostly I just got one here and there. It felt like others were digging, but search said I was the only person there. Odd.

Tomorrow I have to stop camping the guild store and go farming. Totally out of so many things! And my crystal mule is actually three-quarters empty. That boggles me, I can't recall her ever being that low. Mucho, mucho farming to do.
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