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Slacker? Nope! (FFXI)

Didn't post last night and almost didn't post tonight because nothing's happening. Boy, game-life is unexciting when you have no major goal!

BRD static met tonight. Didn't ding, but will hit 63 on Saturday. Went to (blech) Bibiki Bay, which wasn't as bad as it used to be since we were the only party of our level most of the time. XP was actually pretty darned good, which surprised the heck out of me.

Last night was Eco/Escort, tonight BRD static, tomorrow Celery runs if the downtime doesn't run too late, Thursday camping some doggy NM in the dungeons under Sandy with LS folks, Fridy is my 'dammit this is my one night off a week' night, Saturday is BRD static again, Sunday is skilling, Monday is back to Eco/Escort again. Lather, rinse, repeat!

Very much need to make time to go farming crystals and other stuff VERY DARNED SOON. See? All caps! So I really meant it! I'm trying to keep stuff on-hand for guild turn-ins, and I'm short a bunch of stuff. (Will be so happy once that's done! Then I'll have room for armor to level SAM. Room? Yes! Time? ...we'll see.)

I expect to make another post tomorrow, once details of the update come out. :D Yay, it's Christmas in October!
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