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No digging, no TP, lots of nose! (FFXI)

For the first time since the digging nerf, I didn't go out digging today. It was mostly by choice. Two waves of Besieged were coming, so I decided to do those and then dig after if I had time. But really, there's little reason for me to dig right now. At best I'll dig up gold beastcoins, and I've not been able to sell one in almost two weeks now. Boggle with me: The price on them falls about 1K per two days. I list them, lower them, lower them, lower them... and they never sell. So I make ingots out of them, and wow, the price on those keeps falling and falling. Maybe I should look into making the ingots into chain/thread, but right now I'm just annoyed at the whole thing. Digging hasn't been fun in a long while, so if it's not bringing in money, there's no reason to keep doing it. Money had been my reason for sticking with it this long. (I can't deal with logs or other non-stackables -- no room!)

I've also semi-decided to give up on Besieged, unless I'm bored or need XP on some non-DRK job. I spent 2.5 hours dealing with that tonight (first wave was preparing for more than an hour!), only about 20 minutes of it spent fighting, and for all that time I got a grand total of 800 IS. If only they would turn XP into LP for 75s! I'd totally make an effort to go if they did that.

In sadder news, I've been testing Absorb-TP out the last few days. Never once, not even if my spell lands a few seconds before the mob WSs, have I gotten over 30 TP. Even if the mob WSs 10-15 seconds later, I often get 0 TP from it (not a resisted spell, 0 drained). I get more TP by swinging my weapon instead of spending the time casting. Very, very, very sad. It had been nice to be able to keep up with other melees. Oh well.

There is good news though! My big-nosed bird does not look so ugly when out in the wild! He's actually kind of cute! He's got a lot more "fluffy" feathers around his head than non-digging birds. You can really see the difference when he stands next to a normal bird. I actually kind of like the digging version better!

And lastly, while digging yesterday, I ran into a certain baby HNM in Meri Mountains! I remember when I was a DRK 40 or something around there, I saw him and almost claimed him. LS people warned me off him fast. Heehee.
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