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Heroes and FFXI

It's so great to have a show that leaves me grinning! Loved the twists, loved Hiro even more! How in the world do they get him to be so sweet and geeky and good? I usually find good guys boring, but he's so sweet and I just want to hug him!

FFXI: I boggle at how much time "little things" can take. I spent three full hours just muling. c.c But three out of four non-Jeuno mules now have full storage with furniture having no less than four storage slots (so all commodes and cabinets). One safe space taken up to give four storage, just about the best I can do on mules. Have one non-Jeuno mule left to get into that arrangement.

I'm so bad about money now. I spend it nearly as fast as I bring it in. I've only recovered less than a third of the money it cost me to do all that crafting (smithing 30->60, gold 20->60, and leather 85->100). The problem is, I've discovered it's fun to buy things and not so much fun to farm and such. Bad bad me.

I went digging in the Desert for the first time in forever. At first I was excited at my haul (p stone, 2 plat ores, 8 wyvern scales), but oh my god, prices have fallen so painfully far. The stone sold for 20K! That used to be over 150K! And the plats have fallen a ton, too. Going to start digging in the Jungles, since Ead can use the various logs from there. (And he'll make me more commodes for my last mule, too. <3 Ead!)

Static folks: A screenshot from a year ago today is fitting! Remember I mentioned a skillup party taking on Aquarius and almost being eaten alive? Here's the shot! A year ago. I was still in the 60s and working so hard to bring my great sword up to cap -- or at least spinning slash level. Seems like that happened forever ago, not just a year...
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