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A question and... a question! (games, music)

*pokes friendslist* Where are all the FFXII posts? (For non-gamers: Note the extra I! This isn't about the usual subject~!) People have had 12 for almost 24 hours now, right? So where are all the posts, ranting or raving? I think my flist has had one post on it, total. o.O

I sort of want to be talked into buying it, even though I don't really want it and suspect I wouldn't play it if I bought it. FFXI (one I!) is annoying me endlessly, day in and day out, so I'd like something else to do... yet I can't stop logging in. c.c

The other issue about potentially trying 12 is that I'd have to get my darned PS2 hooked up and working. I've not used it since FFX (zero Is!), and in fact bought it for FFX, so it's kind of covered in dust now...


Second, to everyone, gamers and non-gamers: Can you tell me what the style of music in this video is called? WARNING: Lyrics are NWS!

And related to the video: Why the heck is the damage MNKs do considered blunt? Look at those weapons they're using! Getting punched by sharp pointy things ten inches long is not blunt! Owwww. (Even the first MNK's weapons really aren't blunt. I bet those edges are sharp!)

Love that video so much! I watch it seven or eight times a day. Only downside is spending the rest of the day singing 'Wait till you see my dick' to myself. :P
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