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Lost and FFXI

Lost: Bah. What the heck happened to the series? Smoking crack isn't good for you, writers!

They actually killed Eko off. The promos kept saying 'And one survivor will die!' which usually is nothing other than a tease. They actually did it. Just too bad it was one of the very very few characters left that I have any interest at all in.

FFXI: From yesterday's XP party, the first time I can recall this ever happening to me: Level Down. Bah. Whole night was seriously rough/sucky. I couldn't pull for crap, so the BST took over. The BST who was also a BRD 75 with 544757505701 merits done on BRD. So yeah. Yay looking like a damned sucky BRD in front of someone who actually knows what they're doing on the job. (Upon rereading, that makes me sound like I care about the job, doesn't it? No, I'd just rather not look like an idiot no matter how I feel about the job.)

One more level and I can wear my opo-opo crown, the last goal I had for BRD. I've been buying all my spells until 75 so that I can't quit the job. Just missing three that haven't been on the AH yet. (BRDs have way, way, way too many damned songs. 100K for something we'll never use times 5747301 songs! Bah.)

Today we did two runs of Celery and won both. For the first time it dropped the harp I had been after (which I had bought with earring money for 100K two weeks ago). The price of the harp dropped to 9k. 100K to 9K in three weeks. I bought mine for 100K. Excuse the language, but: God fucking damn. What the hell.

Win #1 loot (and we set the record again!).

Win #2 loot.

Someone had asked if the BC we did had the reraising bones in it. Nope, four ghosts, pick only one to fight. (Des is running funny in that, but it's the only screenshot I took.)

Lastly, I caught my first level 6 Besieged tonight, and saw one of those flying moth thingies for the first time. Shouted for a random party for the first time, too. That actually worked out well, it was fun working with different jobs and feeling like I was actually needed (I was the only mage-type in the party, the BLM/WHM was AFK the whole time). Got 1K XP, but still don't have a death buffer on BRD yet.

I wonder if they'll adjust Besieged more. Really feels too easy now. (Level 6 with 300 in the zone, we still won.) I've not died in a Besieged in ages -- the biggest NM tonight actually hit me a couple times and I didn't die.

Edit: Rereading the post makes it pretty clear how I feel about FFXI lately. Maybe I will go out and get FFXII tomorrow and take a break. I wish I could get my enjoyment of FFXI back instead (I really don't want to play another game), but maybe a break will help that.
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