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Bill Clinton called me tonight...

I never, ever answer my phone, I just let the machine pick it up. I was online, listening to the machine with half an ear, when I heard "Hello, this is Bill Clinton...". My head snapped around and I blinked a lot before I realized it was one of those pre-recorded 'Please vote for X' messages. Heh.


If not for that little story, I wouldn't be posting about FFXI tonight. Too late, too tired. zzzzz

Worked on SAM more tonight. Spent more than 13 hours straight on it. x.x *is dead* Soloed 12-15, then went to the Dunes. Oh my god, so bad... or shall we say " so typical".

Party #1: Invited right away. One fight, 5 people died. WAR supposedly hadn't known he was tanking, so didn't want to voke. Eventually everyone but me died (I had hi pot drops on me, thankfully). I shouted for raises for a while, but none came. Everyone was HPed in various cities, so we disbanded. 40 minutes, 100-something XP.

Party #2: After about an hour wait, got the invite. Party of 12-17s. Fighting flies at the outpost. First fight: Half the party died, 66 XP. Once everyone was up and unweakened, second fight: four people died, just over 100 XP. I disbanded, party broke soon after.

Party #3: Had flag up for three hours before invite came in. Was pondering just how amusing it would be to throw myself on an IT++ goblin. Party had 1-3 PLs at various times, thus no one died. Felt dirty, but got from level 15 to 19 in it.

Usually I like to be offline by 10 PM, but I still hadn't done my digging, so tried to get that done. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Every single zone I tried dug out. Eventually the bird threw me off and so I gave up and warped. A Besieged is building, level 4 as of a moment ago, but I logged out. Too tired.

(Yeah, I know I could have soloed SAM instead of going through the Dunes, but I had had enough of soloing and wanted the "easy" way -- someone brings me the mob and cures me, all I need to do is stand there on auto-attack.)
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