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Chocobo and BRD (FFXI)

Rain reached first class in discernment and learned Bore on the third attempt, so tonight I retired him. New egg starts tomorrow. I hope to finally, finally get a female, and black (the egg's mother is black).

I'm nearly certain I reregistered him after he learned Bore, but when we went digging tonight we didn't get a single new object. Luck/un-luck? Or did I not really reregister? Well, I reregistered him tonight (twice!) to be sure, and I'll try him again tomorrow.

Went to a level 6 Besieged as WAR 32/WHM. Ha ha. Didn't die once, got ~430 XP. While I need XP on WAR, I'm not going to do that again; it wasn't any fun. Problem is, going on DRK is useless (wasted XP, I have like 55K IS and no use for it), and while I love going on BRD, I'm already leading edge in our static.

And speaking of static, it met tonight. Since we now need two random DDs, we grabbed the only two DDs seeking (handy, huh?). A THF and a MNK. The THF was great -- both an insane puller and stuck hate amazingly well.

Thf: *pulls*
Nai (NIN tank): Voke's not up, be careful.
Thf: *trick attack* *Shark Bite*
Hate: *stuck with superglue*

More than the hate thing, he was just such a darned good puller. Fast, almost no downtime, and while there was aggro all around us, he almost never got links/aggro. I wanted to ask what his main job was (he was on THF 65, rank 9), but I was worried he'd say BRD, then I'd be all embarrassed again. :P

TristanTrotter (male, yellow, substandard dis&rec) bred to Caboose's QuantumTorpedo (female, yellow, substandard dis)

Prouduced HighlandRain (male, yellow, first class disc, average rec)

HighlandRain (male, yellow, first class disc*, average rec) bred to Aurian's NorthernWind (female, black, outstanding disc, average rec, Burrow/Gallop). Breeding plan to try for traits from the female.

*First class at time of retiring. Outstanding at time of breeding.

Egg to be turned in tomorrow.

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