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Since I'm waiting for a Besieged, I'll write this up now.

gbeans suggested I rent the game, but I'd rather own games and movies and such, so I went out and bought it. Since the special edition was only $10 more, I bought that. I like having the guidebooks for the few games I have, so I grabbed that... and upgrading it to some special edition (with the artbook, or something) was $10 more, so I went for that. My old memory card was full of FFX (and some other game's?) data and I didn't know what I would want to delete to make room, so I got a new memory card. thing I knew, my bill was $110. >< I walked out really hoping that I would like the game.

Got home from work tonight and popped it in. As the CS played on and on, I remembered a line from some post on 12, something like: S-E really wants to make movies, and it shows. They should just make a movie and leave out the few minutes of gameplay between the scenes.

Now, generally I like CSs. I love them in FFXI and they were the reason I played (and replayed) FFX. But man, did 12's CSs drag on and on and on and fricking on. Then when I finally got to do something, it lasted for a moment before I was in another 15 minute long CS. Then a little XPing, then another way too long CS. Sheesh. >< This is the first time I've ever felt there were too many CSs, and it was too many by far.

For about four hours of playing, all I did was kill some wolves and other little mobs out there in the desert, and that Rogue Tomato fellow.

I suppose I wouldn't mind the CSs so much if I liked the main character more. (It's funny, but I liked Tidus right off the bat, when most folks hated him. I read nothing about people disliking this main character, but I don't like him much at all.) The story hasn't hooked me in the least, either.

The voice acting is amazing though! And so far the battle system seems okay (I haven't used gambits yet). The animation/character models seem okay -- sometimes they seem amazingly realistic, but others they're so stiff that they don't look real at all. I'm very very surprised that those lines you see in the battles aren't any problem: Right from the first fight, I could see how helpful they were; I expected them to be horribly annoying.

The camera is driving me crazy. There should be a way to fix it in one place behind you (like when you're in third person in FFXI and hit the home key).

So all in all, the game is okay. I don't love it by any stretch of the imagination, I'm not hooked on it in the least, but at least I don't hate it. (And really, it's too early to fairly decide how I feel about it anyway. Hopefully there will be fewer CSs and more doing as I get further in.)

A small amusing thing: They had billed one of the features as fights taking place in the real environment, no whisking you off to a BC (like in FFX). I kept waiting for something different to happen when I battled, then realized the "new" feature was the same as how it is in FFXI, so it doesn't seem new to me. :P
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