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11 + 12 = c.c (games)

There I was, merrily playing 12, when I got to a point where you needed the button with a pink square on it. Apparently that button is dead, thus I had to stop playing. I have to go out and buy a new controller tomorrow. Highly and seriously annoying.

Had more fun today than I did yesterday, but it was mostly like farming on FFXI. (I enjoy farming though, so that's fine.) Killed lots of wolves and rats and stuff. Got a party member (annoying girl with anti-gravity pigtails) and luckily she left again. (I think she comes back later though.)

After playing 11, 12 seems to hold your hand so much. I did that sunstone quest thingie. Touch the whateverstone to those black glowy things, then bring it back to the kid. When I touched the last one, it warped me back to the kid -- I totally expected to have to run back there. Odd.

I had to stop at the sneaking through the palace thing. (Where the pink square button calls the guards away.) The write-up in the guide makes it sound annoying to do, but hopefully it won't be.

Still mostly 'meh' about the game, but I'm still too early in it to have that be my final opinion on it.

And on FF 11: BRD static today. Died a couple of times, but still hit 65 so it's all good. Met my final goal! Got to put my crown on! And my wind torque too, but you can't see that. I really like that crown, I didn't want to switch jobs back when I hit town. :) Guess the only goal left is to hit 75, but that's so darned far away and I really don't care about it overly much.

A few other random screenshots, since I have time tonight. (Bored out of my mind on 11.)

From the other night: Celery win #1, Celery win #2, Celery win #3.

Two-headed NM from Besieged.

My newest egg should be hatching tomorrow. Its parents, yay black!

Hot elf.

And lastly, info about Bore. I've been posting it on BG, but I want to keep a copy here as well.

First off, this is what Bore digging is like. It boggles me: Log one, log two. Non-stop stuff getting. It takes me 10 stacks of greens to get my 100 items (usual is 20 or more).

New items:
Meri Mountains: A crapload of flint stones, 1 darksteel ore
Eastern Altepa Desert: A mess of flint (nearly three stacks)
Yuhtunga Jungle: Arrowwood logs (11), yew logs (3), elm (1), Laquer tree log (1)
Rolanberry: Mushrooms: 7 woozy, 7 sleep, 3 dance, 1 reishi
Sauromugue: Titanictus shell (4), turtle shell (2), wyvern scales (2), sea shells (2), HQ pug scale (1), and fish scales (4).

I sort of like it. Digging gets done much faster. However the good items are generally greatly reduced. The only really good items of all of those up there are the darksteel ore, laquer tree log (sells for 10K), and the Titanictus shells (sells for 10K, but very slowly).

Edit: loneguardian, you're going to be famous~! I really needed a sig to use on various message boards, so I finally made one! Heeheehee. It's a touch bigger than I would like it to be, but I guess it will do (I'm not all that great at dealing with images). I tried to add "lady's man" to it, but I couldn't make it look right. (And that's Des in the background! In scale! Hee.)
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