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11 and 12 (gaming)

11: Idled most of the day. Undead Besieged made up for my BRD deaths yet didn't put me into the static lead (yay). Re-did the ToA missions up to the ship BC to catch people up. Hopefully we can set a date to do the latest fight soon.

Went digging in lolPashhow Marshlands with Bore. Got a mess of crystals, even though there wasn't any weather at all. (Light: 4, Dark: 5, Fire: 1, Ice: 6, Wind: 7, Earth: 5, Lightning: 4, Water: 6)

Newest chick hatched. Third generation, finally a female! Hopefully she'll be black, otherwise she's getting shot in the head and maybe I'll start over with a new one.


12: Each day gets better! Balthier's voice makes me all melty, even though he's not much to look at. Fran does not annoy me at all, which totally amazes me (hello freaky giant rabbit woman, you're actually okay). Even her voice is okay.

The one downside to the game is that I can't currently just jump on and XP/farm right now. I'm stuck in some underground place (with the battery mimic things), so having 20 or 30 minutes isn't enough to get stuff done and find the next save point. :/

It's amazing how easy the game is. After 11, everything in 12 is just so... easy. I've only died once (damned werewolves), and nothing has really even been hard yet. It's very strange.
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