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Screenshot time! (FFXI)

No BRD static tonight, so we went skilling tonight instead. Got 35 levels on great axe. Blech, another slow, two-handed weapon to skill. Good start though!

Aren't I cute as a frog?

During Besieged I ran into this fellow, a very cute frog charmer. He turned the whole mob of us into frogs! It was cool how our sizes varied, based on our original sizes (or so costumes usually work). Sorry I didn't get any good shots of you, Beanie. :/

Later we ran into the two-headed NM. I want that weapon of his. *drool*

And lastly, I love being a BRD during Undead waves~. I hated it when mages did this to me, but it was the most effective way of keeping them all out of trouble.
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