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*is dead* zzzz (FFXI)

I'm failing at the whole 'taking time off' thing. Came home, did my digging, and two waves of Besieged hit, so I attended those. Next thing I knew, it was three and a half hours later and I was still in my work clothing. >< I think I'm going to stop going to Besiegeds for a while. I'm at 66K IS with nothing to do with it, and DRK doesn't get XP, so... It's semi-fun (sometimes very fun) but always so darned long. An hour or more per wave.

Digging was a waste, but a waste on purpose. I went to the Dunes (for serious, a waste. The best thing you can get there is a 2K turtle shell), but I wanted to see if anything interesting could be gotten there with Bore. Endless crap (fish scales, HQ pug scales, and sea shells coming out of my ears), but also demon horns, which count as both interesting and worth way more than turtle shells. (I really need to start writing down all the stuff you can get everywhere. The info is spread through my LJ and the BG board.)

First wave of Besieged was rough. Before I could move a step, a bunch of ghosts showed up on top of me:

{Run away!} AM x3! Heh. Ran out of range, luckily.

This makes me really happy, done on a level 99 Besieged mob, no Souleater, Last Resport, SA, or anything:

But this makes me even happier: Pack Attack! We look like a new race of PCs. :D

The bigger news of the day: Finally!

All done with guild points, forever! x.x Well, unless I go for a +1 item I don't have yet... or a key item I don't have yet... cc. I have all leather items and key items now, but I don't have some of the +1s from other crafts and missing a number of key items from other crafts. But really, that's it for now. *dead*

Getting 'moghancement: leathercraft' is such a bitchkitty. I had to add 8 bronze beds, which are massive and ugly. The Fleece is kind of ugly too, but not so bad when you put other things in front of it. And see all the ugly beds? >< Plus two of my mannequins aren't in place. There's just no room for them!

What I need are Sky Pots (Somepage link). Big ice energy in a small package! Those would rock so much! Problem is, they're a big pain to get. It comes from the Brigand's Chart quest, but it's only one of many many items you can get. You have to turn in Bhefhel Marlin to be cut open, and you might get the key item (or another key item), then you have to fish for three minutes (with a level 20 cap). You might fish up a chest, a mob, or fish. The mob tries to kill you, of course. :/ I might try it, but the chances of getting the Sky Pot seem so slim...

Anyone know how to find the dat file for furniture? If I could change the bronze beds to something smaller/less ugly, that would be a start.
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