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Forced "Vacation"

With Byte-me down (or the connection to it having issues, it looks the same from my end), there's no MUSH for me to tend to. On the up side, I needed to do laundry tonight, so I got it all done without needing to do it around poses or guests or whatever. However, it's going on eight or so hours of downtime now, so I'm ready to go back to work on it. Please? :)

The procedure I mentioned earlier today is being done tomorrow for sure. Sometime in the afternoon east coast time. I believe in neither luck nor god, so I can't cross my fingers or pray, so I'll just hope for the best.

I've gotten 4-5 hours (or less) of sleep every night this week. During the day I feel exhausted, but I feel miles from sleep now... Bah. At least tomorrow's Friday. Wednesday felt like Friday, today felt like Friday, and finally tomorrow will really be Friday (unless there's a cruel joke and tomorrow is actually Tuesday...)
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