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Screenshots and RL

So very tired. Neighbors kept me up until after 2 AM (they're getting so bad >< ) so I only got three hours of sleep last night. It could be worse, Friday night they kept me up until 4 AM. (Who the hell runs the dishwasher at 3 AM? Garbage disposal at 4 AM?)

Thanksgiving is Thursday. I really need to get some sort of food to make... though I suppose I need to figure out what to make first. Bah.

Heroes is on now, but I'm so tired it's a challenge to focus. Plus I'm LJ posting at the same time. :P


FFXI screenshots!

I tried to get a good shot of it, but it's hard to do that for WSs. Decimation! Spinning's fun!

The win from the Pirate's Chart fight:

And lastly, my house! the ugly half: Stacks and stacks of screens. Ugly screens. But the good side actually looks better than it used to! It actually looks like someone could live there... assuming they were willing to jump over the end of the beds to get into bed. :P Two of my mannequins can't be displayed though, blah.

Tomorrow is BRD static. We should be hitting 66! So strange that it's my second highest job...

Oh, and a year ago today I got my o-hat! So funny to see me back then, no hat and using a scythe. c.c
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