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Apparently I haven't been playing FFXI very long...

I really didn't think it would be all that hard to get a sky pot. I just had to fish up or buy some fish, turn them in to be gutted, successfully get an item from that, trade it to a ???, and deal with the mobs or whatever else resulted. It really didn't seem like that big of a deal.

So far I've put about 14 hours and roughly 50K gil into this. Tonight I finally got the right item from the fish being gutted, so Des and Dani came out to help me deal with the mobs.

All that time and effort, and I got a pair of rusty leggings, a single silver beastcoin, and a rusty subligar. ><

Looking back on it now, I really shouldn't have been surprised. That's such an utterly typical FFXi experience...

Anyone who plays FFXI also watch the old HBO series Oz? If so, guess who we met while XPing! (Yes, I was meleeing. Shush, I was bored.)

I think the ferry attracts odd people. Nai had her elf brothers stalking her, and I had these two humes. It was the strangest thing, they kept inching closer to me from either side, /checking me every step...
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