Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Harry Potter (really!) and FFXI

How long has it been since mention of Harry Potter has happened in this journal? Time to break that streak!

I finally (finally!) caught Goblet of Fire this weekend, and wow. Even though I'm not in the fandom anymore, and even though I remember zero about the book, I really really enjoyed the movie. The dragons were highly cool, and I was able to just enjoy it as a movie instead of seeing all the things different than the book.

I've forgotten so much of the book that I only spotted one difference between it and the movie, and I'm not even confident I'm right that it's a difference. Wormtail was alone with Lord V in the house in the beginning of the book, right? The bad guy kid (killing spelling: Barty Conch Jr?) wasn't there, right? And speaking of that guy, he was mighty hot, other than that whole tongue-flicking thing.


FFXI: Spent most of the day sitting around and waiting. Once we were all gathered, we went off to kill the WSNM bat for Des's dagger. I'm tempted to say that that bat was the hardest WSNM I've beaten so far, but we did it with a fraction of the people we usually throw at these things. Anyway, it's dead and Des got his WS!

Since we were there in the tunnel, we camped some NM scorp that drops a GK for Draque. Amikiri! We only got it down to about 80% before we had to escape, leaving too much XP behind us. (Des died, which left me tanking -- ha ha! I died, I think Des got up and died again? Nai tanked at some point and died, and had to HP because she was still down when the teleport went off.) I didn't check the info on it until much later, but it appears we were really underprepared for him. Somepage recommended 10 70-75s and we had 3 75s, 2 66s, and 1 64 fellowship NPC. Oh well.

Then, very late, a Besieged hit and so I made up my lost XP! Yay! It had me logging off two hours later than usual, but it was really a moot point (and I knew it would be, so wasn't even really questioning staying up late). A four day weekend and then needing to go back to work means I didn't sleep at all last night, period. Two hours after I had logged out and went to bed I was still awake and reading, since I wasn't even sleepy. I fell asleep (poor sleep, restless as hell) maybe an hour before my alarm went off.

The joy of my morning was making my cat wake up out of a sound sleep and move so I could get out of bed -- for the last four days she's gotten me up before 7 AM to feed her, so ha ha ha! How do you like being woken up, silly cat? :P

Before work this morning I checked my chocobo chick. Today is the day it turned into a teenager, so I wanted to see if it was colored like its mother. No. >< >< >< Third fricking chocobo, no color. What a waste. I semi-think I should have trained it to be a physical bird (since it was born knowing gallop), but I didn't feel like dealing with it. I don't think I'm going to try again, either -- nearly three weeks of daily checking the thing, only to have it turn out to be yellow? Bah.

On the other hand, I'm really liking Bore and I'm glad my second bird knows that. It makes zones I'd otherwise avoid (the Dunes, for example) be an option during times I can't go to the Desert.
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