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NM camping, farming (FFX)

Highly and seriously frustrating night. BRD XP static was okay. Died once, all my own fault. Need to seriously think about going /WHM instead of /RDM and giving up my nice ring (stay in yellow HP = -25% casting time, but has been the reason for my death nearly every time I die).

Digging sucked more ass today than has in a long time, but what's it matter. Plat ore is down to 10K with 180+ up (or was the night before). Gold, DS, other metals doing no better. Wood takes up lots of space and doesn't sell much better. Went digging in Bibiki Bay to see what Bore would give me. Got nothing but crap, but at least I was able to vendor about 80 of the 100 items...

Poor Des is poor, so we spent the rest of the day in a quest to make him money. Very frustrating and muchly failed. We made the poor decision of camping Novv the Whitehearted. Hair sells for 500-600K, plus I could use the Minstrel's Coat for BRD. Spent four hours camping, and apparently Somepage's info is wrong (or we misunderstood it, something). We were killing the spawn per its info, and a moment after we killed what we thought was the placeholder, he spawned. We weren't watching at all, so missed him. ><

I dropped party to try to get the (assumed) gilsellers to sell me the rare/ex coat (let me lot on it), but apparently it didn't drop for them (they invited me, but the treasure pool had only kelp and one other bit of crap in it).

The only amusing part of those hours was that one of the gilsellers (mithra) hit on Des and I endlessly. Kissing us, taking her clothing off, etc. Especially funny when you know it's probably a 15 year old Chinese boy behind the character...

We went farming in Castle WhateverDemonPlace after that. Few hours spent farming, lots of crap.

The whole night was just one big frustration, and at this point in time I would happily never ever see the damned game ever again. The stupid coat was the most annoying part, because I don't even want the damned thing. It's just that hours of sitting there, staring unblinkingly at the screen, ready to hit my macro the moment it popped made me want it. We put so much time into trying to get it, and it was totally wasted. (I can imagine the joys HNM LSing would bring me, if this little NM ruined my night so easily.)

And speaking of HNM, I was invited to help kill that turtle-god-whatever it is. Gub-whatever. (I should be asleep already, not going to look it up.) I turned down the invite because we're going to have to sneak/invisible around the world tomorrow and I dislike doing that, so didn't want to have to deal with getting there today. Turns out it was good I said no, because next he asked me how many people are needed to kill it, what's the best way to kill it, etc. o.O Like I'd know these things! I've never even seen the darned thing outside of screenshots!

Bed now, and hopefully sleep. Darned cat will be waking me up in a few hours for breakfast. >
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