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New chocobo's bloodlines (FFXI, note to self)

Generation one: Purchased egg. TristanTrotter (male, yellow, substandard dis&rec) bred to Caboose's QuantumTorpedo (female, yellow, substandard dis). Chick: HighlandRain

Generation two: HighlandRain

HighlandRain (male, yellow, first class disc, average rec) bred to Aurian's NorthernWind (female, black, first class disc, first class rec, Burrow/Gallop). Breeding plan to try for traits from the female.

Generation three: NorthernSea

First chick: MelodyDancer (female, yellow, born with gallop) stopped raising.
Second chick: NorthernSea (male, born with gallop) keeping to raise as physical bird for racing, no matter the color.

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