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At the moment, 50% of California is Hispanic. Sometimes it seems the majority of people in California speak Spanish. By next year, Hispanics *will* be the majority here.

I get pissed off when people speak in Spanish. Part of it is that I always think they're talking about me, and part of it is that I think if you're in America you should speak English, darned it.

I've been rethinking things. I've not considered learning a new language in a long time, and if I ever went back to a language I figured it'd be German, since I did know some at some point long ago. However, Spanish is sort of poking at my brain. Part of it has to do with my interest in the whole gang culture, but the other part of it is... I guess just accepting things. Spanish isn't going to stop being spoken here. I can continue to grump and bitch and shake my fist, but what good would that do?

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