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Tomorrow: Vacation day! ...Kind of. (FFXI)

I'm declaring tomorrow a vacation day on the game. I was online six hours tonight, and didn't have one single second of downtime. Tomorrow I am doing nothing! Nothing! Nothing! ...and I'll probably get bored within an hour of getting home. :P

Logged on, rushed to do my guild turnin because I knew the rest of the night was booked. Ended up paying 4-5 times what I should have due to lack of time to make things myself. ><

Rushed out to Horrible Weapon Land to camp Shikigami Weapon. Got there minutes before the spawn time. Unfortunately a HNM LS was there with 12-15 people and they got the claim. Oh well.

Besieged had started while we were camping, so warped back for it. Fun! Yay! least until I disconnected at the end of it. >< >< >< Logged back in weakened from dying, yet somehow still made 700 IS in reward during the few minutes I had (others got 1070, so I wasn't too far off max). It's just too bad something that should have made me happy ended up annoying the living hell out of me.

As soon as it ended, teleported out to help farm sheep in Beadeaux for <3 Dani's clothcrafing skillup. We did that for a few hours.

High points of the night:
*Spotting a move in Besieged called Call of the Grave. Eee! So cool! DRKs need a move with that name!
* Souleater + Blood Weapon while under the effects of a Giant Drink = OH MY GOD! I did it while skilling my sword. Usually I had been hitting for 10-20 per hit. With those up, I was doing 400-500! With my underskilled, underleveled sword! *D*R*O*O*L* I so need to try doing that with my great sword next time. Yeah, it'll end up killing me (it took three healers' MP and a Bene to keep me on my feet just with the sword), but oh my god, I need to see those numbers!
*Love my werewolf mask so much! (The dat swap for o-hat.) The only way it could make me happier is if everyone else could see it, too. It's funny, but I've been using the dat swat for weeks now, and it still makes me grin every time I see it.
*I'm still happily surprised every time I put my DRK armor on. 'Oh! A Forger's Mantle! ...and it's mine! Eee!' 'Flame Ring? I wonder whose that is... oh, it's mine! Eee!' My DRK armor has gone basically unchanged for a full, RL year, so it's really nice to have new stuff now. :)

So tomorrow:
Less stuff to do for less grumpiness.
Eat more meals for less grumpiness. (Skipped lunch, couldn't get dinner till after 7. 12 hours of no food = bad bad bad.)
Kiss random people for less grumpiness! *plots who to stalk~*

Edit: Icon is just a temp one, until I can get a better screenshot.
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