Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Day off: RL and FFXI

Since the game was down, I got a bunch of things done. Grocery shopping at 9 AM rocks! No one was in the store! And I did laundry after that. (Oops, exhausted, yet I still have to remake my bed.)

Since the game was going to be down, I got up at 7 AM to try to get everything done. c.c Luckily my guild turnin was fast, then visited my chick (he became a teenager today... a yellow fricking teenager), and went digging. Got done in time to get out to Temple Ugg to check to coffers (I've been trying to get a map for two weeks now, but the coffer is apparently stuck behind that locked mission door). Logged off there, so I could check again as soon as the servers came back up.

Was online ASAP once they were up, and checked the coffer spawns. Nothing. >< So I decided to use a trick I read about: Casting a spell on a tonberry through the wall, and it would open the door to come get you. Not only did it NOT open the door, it brought five of its friends (and linked two from the area behind me) through the wall. >< 7 EP-DC tonberries on me. I died. Fast.

Nice nice nice Aurian came out and duoed pink birds with me. It was amazingly fast! No downtime at all! Got my XP back and decided to give up on the damned map. (I feel like I know the zone now, just from all the running around I did trying to get the map!)

After that a Besieged! For limit points! YAY YAY YAY YAY! Undead, ~500 in the zone. 1K limit points! YAY!

Eco and Escort after that (ding SAM 20 and WAR 34 from the scrolls!).

Then killed bunnies to get BLU Nairua (and 5-6 random other BLUs) whatever that healing carrot move is.

Then, finally, sampled the new content. Was exhausted and should have gone to bed, but I get bull-headed about things sometimes. The Hot And Cold chocobo game isn't fun, but can be profitable!

Unfortunately that item was the best item I could dig up, and the market hadn't been flooded on it (only digging item I can say that about), guess that's going to change now. :/

Me digging up the chest. You can find the more technical details about the game in my post to the LJ FFXI comm.

After that took a free teleport to Bastok by giving a kid a gift (so handy) so I could log out there and do my guild turnin in the morning. Happened upon the tree so followed the crowd and got the event item (dream coffer) there. Then logged.

Such a full day! x.x
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