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FFXI - digging and hats and such

In an odd twist on things, digging was the very best part of the day. For the first time ever:

And that did NOT come from Rolanberry Fields! I love Bore! (iniadelphinae: Email already sent~.)

Check out my nice inventory when I was done digging:

Pretty darned nice haul!

I've gotten really bad about making impulse purchases. Partly it's because I have a darned lot of money and nothing to spend it on (BRD is the only thing I'm leveling, and that needs very little; all my crafting is fully leveled; I'm doing guild turn ins for something to do, not out of need). However this is the first time I've bought something big and was disappointed with it right away. I knew going into it that the goblin hat looks darned silly on a hume, but I got it anyway. 450K. I have my yag hat (which I love and wish I wore more often), I have bonecrafting shades, I have my dat modded o-hat which I love, and in a couple days I'll have my goldsmithing shades. A month or so after that, I'll have clothcrafting glasses. What in the world do I need the goblin hat for?

I feel bad doing so (especially since it's signed by someone other than me), but once I get my goldsmithing shades I'm going to sell it. Maybe I can get 500K for it, which is the usual price I see for beastmen hats. If I could get a profit, I'd fell less bad about having bought it when I knew better. (Or maybe I'll stick it on a mannequin as decoration, ha!)

Other than that, didn't do much. Leveled PLD to 2 (I spent more time to craft my own shield than I did XPing -- so boring!), and helped Nai learn some BLU spells.

I wonder if Besieged is broken or if they're making them less frequent because they now give out limit points? At least on Midgar, attacks are few and far between. (Plus there's the whole new '30 second delay between start and CS' thing.)

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