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FFXI post: Shorter version

I wrote a really long FFXI post last night to make up for not posting for a week or so, then deleted it a short time later because it was half depressing and half corny. So here's the short version.

* Got my goldsmithing shades yesterday, and they look pretty good! Two pairs of glasses down, one to go.
* My sword is almost capped at 240, thanks to Besieged. Just need 5 or so more levels, then I can get my trial weapon.
* I caught five Besiegeds in three days, which made me uber happy. (Besieged is the one thing in FFXI I really have fun at. Plus: Limit points, sword skilling.)
* BRD static hit 70 yesterday. We'll be done soon! YAY!
* We're starting our Assault static next week. Woo! Hopefully it'll go well and we won't die too much.

If I get another black pudding from the event items, I'm going to kill something. Probably the pudding. I've gotten six in a row, not one single new item yet. I want a candy ring, candy cane, or turkey like everyone else is getting! *shakes fist*
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