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Screenshot time! (FFXI)

Back to work tomorrow. I should be in bed, but my sleep schedule is messed up so I'll use the time to deal with screenshots! (Plus I can't believe I'm actually enjoying watching this Beauty and the Geek show. I wanted to hate it! But it hooked me enough that I've watched it for the last five hours and want to finish watching the last ep.)

Tonight I hit 100K IS! 99.999% of it done through Besiegeds.

I went and cashed in 20K of it to get that turban thing, but the NPC is gone. Bah. Later in the week I'll trade them all in.

One of the most fun things in Besieged is when the frog folk charm people and turn them into frogs. Look out! Here come Des, Ead, Tharpy, and I as frogs! Too bad I was stuck in first person or I would have gotten a better shot. (Annoying that you can't switch between first and third when charmed.)

Here's a shot of last night's "party" with the goblin archaeologist. >< I was stupid and chatting while fighting, so my stun was slow. Moot point, since it was resisted.

The first half of today was one big ball of frustration because of this New Year's Eve event. As seems to happen to me too often, it takes me many many many times the amount of time it takes others. From most accounts I read, people got the needed item after trading 10 or so items. I spent four hours and traded more than 700 items before I got it. >< Remember the horrible Christmas event from last year? I spent three times the time it took people to get a HQ coat, and I couldn't even get the NQ one. Somehow these luck/random events tend to not go well for me. Anyway, here's the painting you get after you finish it all. Too bad I can't keep it up, because it's really nice. I just have no wall space left. (Something else is usually there.)

Older screenshots:

Couple NMs found in the last few weeks. Vuu Puqu The Beguiler (dropped his bird whistle) and Fraelissa (dropped a log).

Tree from this year's Christmas event (wish I had gotten shots the first day with the larger crowds). A gathering of Christmas taru.

And lastly, the parents of my next egg. The yellow one is my HighlandRain, and I can't remember the blue one's name. *cough* FinalJustice, I think it was. Average physical stats, no abilities. I'm introducing it into my genetic line for the color. (Black genes already lurking in there somewhere, assuming the game tracks genes through generations. HighlandRain's mother was black.) NorthernSea (current physical bird I'm raising) is being very annoying. I really want to retire him now and move on to my next bird (mental), but his stats aren't good yet (average str, end. Knows gallop. Yellow.).
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