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FFXI Fanart~

I went looking for the picture Desant found, the elf he said Nai would drool over. I think this must be it. (And I hope linking to pictures on the that board works!) The image doesn't do much for me (I don't like muscles like that), but I found some other really nice stuff!

* Quick pictures like this one (I guess Mandies must do that! Why else would they drop them?).
* And not so quick: Wow, love this one so much!
* Look! It's my model! Cute, but I don't see Thistle quite like that. :P
* Fitting, since I leveled BST tonight! Heehee, love the kisses!
* Awww, elves in love~
* I don't really like on-game Lion, but to me she's soooo sexy in this picture!

I didn't even get through a fraction of the stuff, but you can find it all here. Hentai and non-Hentai boards, I believe you have to register to see all (most?) of it.

Also, that Japanese FFXI NPC art site finally updated! One new picture (here) or as wallpaper form here. (Warning: M/M art, I think. Is that the BLM general? IMO not her best art ever (usually I love her stuff to pieces!), but yay updates!)
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